Congrated tube filling machinery lanuched @360tube per minute

Our R&D colleagues have be worked on the @360tube per minute Tooth Paste Filling Machine over one years ,finally we made brokethrough for the tech

This tube filling machinery adopted high speed PLC programmer and double servo filling motor for filling process ,robot pick up the tubes and place the tube into the tube holders quickly

This  Tooth Paste Filling Machine  can suitable for plastic tube and aluminum tube and the tube size in diameter is suitable from 10mm--50mm . and the change tube time just need one hours finish all operation , this machine can help customer save first inverstment for more difference product 

Tube filling machinery Officially released by zhitong machinery company, Tubes Filling Machine can complete the filling work of 360 tubes per minute. Tubes Filling Machine  adopts advanced cam and machine servo control technology and design to ensure efficient, accurate and reliable filling results with an accuracy of 0.1 grams.

adopted  an intelligent control system. One-click smart start can automatically identify the specifications and filling materials of the tubes, achieving fully automated operation. At the same time, the Tubes Filling Machine uses precision sensors and regulators to ensure filling consistency and accuracy. In addition, the machine is equipped with an efficient fan and cooling system to ensure the stability and durability of the machine under high-intensity work.

Tube Fill Machine

After a long period of research and testing, the R&D team of tube filling machinery finally successfully achieved a filling speed of 360 tubes per minute. This speed is several times higher than traditional manual or semi-automatic filling methods, greatly improving production efficiency.

The release of this machine has attracted widespread attention and praise in the industry. The launch of this machine will greatly promote the development of the tube filling industry and improve production efficiency and quality. At the same time, this machine also provides related companies with more efficient and reliable filling solutions, helping to promote the progress of the entire industry.。

At the same time, this tube filling machinery has been tested on a large number of different materials. Tube filling machinery can be widely used in many different industries. This equipment is not only suitable for packaging in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries, but also can be used in daily chemicals, chemicals, etc. industry.

High degree of automation: tube filling machinery uses closed and semi-closed filling of paste and liquid, with no leakage in the seal, good consistency in filling weight and capacity, and filling, sealing, and printing can be completed in one go, which greatly improves production efficiency.


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Post time: Dec-28-2023