Best Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine Aluminum Tube Filler

Brief Des:

1. PLC HMI touching screen panel

2. Easy to operate

3. leading time 25 days

4. Air supply: 0.55-0.65Mpa 0.1 m3/min

5. Tube material:Plastic , Composite  Or Aluminium tube

6.Tube diameter:φ12-φ60MM

7. The filling speed at 40pcs 60 pcs 80 pcs and up to 360 pcs per minute for more option

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◐ A. The automatic filling and sealing machine can smoothly and accurately inject various paste, paste, viscosity fluids and other materials into the hose, and complete the hot air heating, tail sealing, batch number, production date, etc. in the tube.

B. Compact structure, automatic upper tube, and fully enclosed transmission part.

◐ Ointment Filling Machine process of supplying, washing, marking, filling, hot-melting, end-sealing, coding, trimming and finished product is completed by the fully automatic operating system.


Ointment filling machine is a type of machine used to fill ointment, cream, and gel formulations into containers such as tubes, jars, and bottles. These machines use a variety of filling techniques, including piston fillers, peristaltic pump fillers, and auger fillers. Ointment filling machines are commonly used by pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers to package products such as creams, gels, ointments, and lotions. Ointment filling machine are designed to increase production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve accuracy and consistency in filling volumes. Some of the key features of these machines include the ability to handle a wide range of viscosity levels, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and user-friendly controls for operators.

◐ pipe supply and washing are completed by pneumatic method, and the action is accurate and reliable.

◐ Automatic filling and sealing machine rotary hose mold is equipped with an electric eye to control the center positioning device of the hose, and the automatic positioning is completed by photoelectric induction.

◐ Automatic filling and sealing machine can adjust and disassemble, especially suitable for users who produce multi-specification large-diameter hoses, and the adjustment is convenient and quick.

◐ Ointment Filling Machine The intelligent temperature control and cooling system makes the operation simple and the tail sealing reliable.

◐ Tubes Filling Machine contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic and fully meets the requirements of GMP standards.

◐ Ointment Filling Machine speed can be controlled and adjusted by the inverter.

◐ It is convenient to adjust the height of the turntable directly. 

◐ The filling volume of the hose can be adjusted by the adjustment hand wheel, which is convenient and quick. 

◐ Tubes Filling Machine Equipped with safety device, open the door to stop, no pipe and no filling, overload protection.

Technical parameter

Model no SZT-60L SZT-60F
Tube material Plastic , composite tube metal  Aluminum Tube
Tube diameter φ12-φ42 φ13-φ60
Tube length(mm) 50-220 cutomizable 50-220cutomizable
capacity(mm) 5-400ml adjustable 5-400ml adjustable
Filling accuracy ≤±1% ≤±1%
output(piece/min) 30-70 adjustable 30-70 adjustable
air supply 0.55-0.65Mpa 0.1 m3/min
motor power 2Kw(380V/220V 50Hz) 2Kw(380V/220V 50Hz)
heating power 3Kw  
size(mm) 2620×1020×1980 2620×1020×1980
weight (kg) 1100 1150

Application Field


Automatic filling and sealing machine is a kind of equipment with a high degree of automation for filling and sealing cylindrical metal hoses or composite hoses with paste-like materials. Tubes Filling Machine new stainless steel butterfly valve metering pump in line with GMP standard is equipped with a screw fine-tuning mechanism, and the weighing is accurate; the photoelectric identification mechanism, PLC programmable control, accurate and reliable trademark positioning; frequency conversion speed regulation, Fukaisen mechanism indexing positioning, using international The latest folding and sealing mechanism.

The fully automatic liquid filling and sealing machine is designed, manufactured, assembled, debugged and the main parts and materials meet GMP requirements.

The automatic filling and sealing machine is compact, simple and easy to operate. Tubes Filling Machine can smoothly and accurately inject liquid glue into the aluminum tube through the filling system, and complete the end sealing and batch number (production date) of the metal aluminum tube through the folding manipulator. The production capacity of this machine can reach up to 3000 pieces per hour, and the loading error does not exceed 1%.

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