Automatic Single or Double Nozzles Hot Filling Machine for Cosmetics

Brief Des:

1. PLC HMI controller for easier operation

2. Working air 0.4–0.6mpa

3. Working voltage: 110 220 voltage single phase

4.. Filling Accuracy: +-1%

5. Very high output

6. Photoelectric Sensor, Material Level Control Feeding System

7. Hot Filling Machine adopts PLC microcomputer programmable control, which integrates light, machine, electricity, sensing and pneumatic execution

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Brief Des


1. Wax Filling Machine  Applicable bottle types include round bottle, square bottle, special-shaped bottle, plum flower bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, porcelain bottle, etc. Bottles that can stand firmly on the conveyor line can be filled.

2.The stroke of Wax Filling Machine is driven by a servo motor, and the stroke positioning is accurate.

3. Hot liquid filling machine adopts the LS motion control system, which can move and fill with the packaging material.

4. It has a high degree of automation and is easy to adjust. When changing specifications or modifying the measurement, it only needs to be adjusted on the display to meet the required precise measurement.

5. Servo-driven tracking and positioning filling of Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine and bottle-moving are carried out synchronously, with high speed and high precision.

6. Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine  filling volume and filling speed of the tracking filling machine are easy to adjust, intelligent photoelectric induction mobile filling, filling with bottles.

7. Vaseline Filling Machine  has no filling without bottles, automatic control of liquid level feeding, convenient, fast and labor-saving.

8.The filling nozzle of hot fill bottling equipment equipped with an anti-drip device to ensure that the filling has no wire drawing and no dripping. The whole sealing operation of the filling production line conforms to the GMP standard.

9. The filling volume of Vaseline Filling Machine adjustment is corrected by actual measurement, digital display control, easy to operate and clean.

10. The top of Vaseline Filling Machine is equipped with a storage box.

11. the filling method ofAutomatic Hot Sauce Filling Machine  and material contact parts are made of sanitary stainless steel 304. There is no pollution during the filling process, and each material is easy to change and clean.

12. Automatic Hot Sauce Filling Machine  For bottles of different shapes, different heights and different capacities, the filling machine can complete the debugging in just a few minutes and enter the next wave of production,hot fill bottling line completely solving the problem of time-consuming and laborious due to a wide variety of products, a small number of single products, and frequent fill bottling line has strong compatibility, and can quickly adjust and replace bottles of different shapes and specifications without replacing parts,hot fill bottling line can meet the production requirements of multiple varieties and specifications.

13. Automatic Hot Sauce Filling Machine  is suitable for daily necessities, cosmetics, toiletries and other products.

14. Wax Filling Machine Adopt world-renowned electrical configuration to ensure the equipment is durable.

15. Wax Filling Machine Equipped with the whole machine lubrication system, the lubrication time is automatically adjusted.  

Application Field


Vaseline Filling Machine  Wax Filling Machine can be applied to the filling of various viscous materials such as food, daily chemicals, vegetable oil, jam, honey, syrup and so on.

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