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1. PLC HMI controller for easier operation 2. Working air 0.4–0.6mpa 3. Working voltage: 110 220 voltage single phase 4.. Filling Accuracy: +-0.5% up to 4 filling nozzle 5. Control System: PLC/Electronic-Pneumatic Controlled 6   The bottles are automatically enters, fills, and exits. Skip or stop filling if without bottles. 7. The filling volumes are accurate and has a counting function. 8. Equipped with filling nozzle to prevent dripping and drawing. Anti-dripping tray

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1. The use of internatioal famouse brand electrical components, performance and stability for Lotion Bottle Filler

2. User can adjust Lotion Bottle Filler  filling range, the materials is not enough in hopper, the computer will give the feeding pump signal to addmaterial by level sensor. When the material is full, the pump will stop automatically.

3. High efficiency: Lotion Bottle Filling Machine  speed is fast and the stability is good. Each filling capacity cylinder is independently controlled by a servo motor, and the filling precision is high.

4. Lotion Bottle Filling Machine  is mainly composed of tracking type filling machine and capping machine equipment.

7. application range of the following type Lotion Filler Machine  is also very wide. For bottles of different shapes, different heights and different capacities.

8. Lotion Filling Machine only takes a few minutes to complete the commissioning, quickly enter the next wave of production, let your production say goodbye to the limited production and packaging mode.

9. and completely solve the time-consuming and laborious problems due to a wide variety of products, a small number of single products, and frequent machine adjustments.

10. The screw cap adopts double screw cap to reduce the capping time, and can ensure that each cap can be screwed tightly.

11. Lotion Filling Machine has the function of pump head positioning. The torque of the brigade cap can be adjusted. Materials and accessories.

12. The whole machine is solid and beautiful. 316 stainless steel, all pneumatic components are made of Taiwan AirTAC.

13.Lotion Filling Machine  has a wide range of applications, no need to replace the mold to replace the specifications, and the parts that need to be adjusted are marked with scales, which is convenient and fast.

14. The follow-up filling machine uses sensors to accurately find the bottle, follow-up filling, no pause in the production process, automatic multi-head filling, and the bottle does not need to stop filling during the production process.

15. 6 Nozzle Filling Machine and can up to 18 filling  nozzles runs smoothly, the functions are combined conveniently, and the maintenance is convenient. Various production combinations can be carried out according to the user's respective product process requirements. The filling speed is: fast and slow two-speed filling, and the filling speed is adjustable.

16. 6 Nozzle Filling Machine has strong compatibility, and can quickly adjust and replace bottles of different shapes and specifications without replacing parts, which can meet the production requirements of multiple varieties and specifications; it is suitable for daily necessities, cosmetics, toiletries and other products.

17. Lotion Filling Machinecan be equipped with capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, case packing machine, case sealing machine, baler and other equipment to form a tracking liquid filling production line, which can realize the complete and complete production line for major production enterprises in the industry. Automate packaging operations.

18. Programmable controller adopts PLC Omron, Delta servo controller, switch adopts electrical Schneider, etc.

19. Import FESTO cylinder and pneumatic components, guarantee the reliability of the machine.  beer filling machine  beer filling machine  beer filling machine.

20. High measurement accuracy, no drip phenomenon.  beer filling machine.

21. Equipped with high quality rotor pump, servo motor and CAM rotor pump combination of filling equipment, precise speed control, measurement filling high efficiency.

Conveyor Belt


1. Conveyor belt structure is simple, stable transportation, reliable and durable, high production efficiency.

2. Capacity Adjustment: adjusted automatically combine single cylinder adjusted individually.

3. Container transport: Stainless steel frame and engineering plastic plate chain variable speed conveyor, with photoelectric sensor.

4. The device with machine labeling machine line. Line 4 head filling machine this machine is used to sneak into the filling machine,filling head automatic filling into the bottle slowly increased.

5. so that the liquid does not overflow, no bubble, after filling the bottle cap automatic Gary messy irregular, ordered automatic hanging on the bottle, then screw capping lid - will.

6. Soft start: When the machine is turned on, the machine slowly rises from low speed to the set speed without rigid impulse, so it will not break the bottle and hurt the machine.

7. Electric adjustment: electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment quantitative, accurate display on LCD digital display.

8. cream filling machine Applicable to industries such as cosmetics, food and beverages, industrial oils/ointments. For example: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face cream, makeup remover, eye cream, body lotion, laundry detergent, hand soap, shower gel, yogurt, cream, edible oil, industrial oil, etc.

9. cream filling machine Applicable bottle types include round bottle, square bottle, special-shaped bottle, plum flower bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, porcelain bottle, etc. Bottles that can stand firmly on the conveyor line can be filled.

Application Field


Jam Filling Machine Wide range of applicable products: ointment and oil products suitable for cosmetics and food industries: such as: shampoo, laundry detergent, hand soap, shower gel, conditioner, yogurt, essential oils, food/industrial oils, etc.

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