Homogenizer Pump Installation and testing

The customer needs to install and debug the Emulsion Pumps after receiving it. So, how to install and debug the in Line Homogenizer?

1. Check whether the inlet and outlet seals of the high-shear dispersing Homogenizing Pump are intact and whether there are any debris, metal shavings and other substances that may damage the equipment mixed into the body.

2. Check whether the motor and the complete machine are damaged during transportation or delivery, and install a safe contact electrical device when connecting the power switch.

3. Before connecting the inlet and outlet of the Homogenizing Pump to the process pipe, clean the process pipe to ensure that there is no welding slag in the process pipe. Metal shavings, glass shavings, quartz sand and other hard substances that may damage the equipment can only be connected to the machine.

4. Homogenizing Pump The installation location of the emulsifying pump should be selected close to the container, such as the bottom of the container. The pipeline must be simple and direct, and the use of elbow pipeline components should be reduced as much as possible. Thereby reducing the resistance of materials in the circulation process.

5. The installation position of the intermittent emulsification pump should be selected to be vertical and horizontal to the container. If it is tilted, it must be well sealed and moisture-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and explosion-proof.

6. Before turning on the Homogenizing Pump, first turn the spindle. The hand feels the weight is even and flexible, and there is no other friction or abnormal sound.

7. When the pipeline emulsification pump is installed on the pipeline, the inlet and outlet pipes adopt a quick-installation clamp coupling structure.

8. After the above work is completed, start the power supply device electrically, and repeatedly turn on and off to check whether the motor steering is consistent with the steering mark of the driving shaft. Reverse rotation and idling are strictly prohibited. If the machine operates normally, it can be used for production.

9. Before inching the electric starting power supply device, confirm whether the motor steering is consistent with the steering mark of the driving shaft. After confirming that the steering mark of the driving shaft is consistent, the cooling water pipe is connected to the cooling water, and there are corresponding materials in the pipe. It can be used for a long time. Run the Homogenizing Pump (for example, 2 minutes) and check whether there is loud noise, vibration, etc. It is strictly prohibited to run the Homogenizing Pump without load.

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